Greeting Card Designers - Additional information

Updated 22 March 2016


Submitting Designs


We are asking designers to submit their designs via email to [email protected]. There are several guidelines you must follow for image resolution, fonts, logos, etc… which are all detailed below.


We will accept card designs for all occasions, but it it best to submit designs that are closest to the next available occasion. For example, if the current month is May, it is better to submit cards for Father's Day, and not Halloween and Christmas. Everyday occasion cards can be submitted at any time. These include the categories like Sympathy, Birthday, Thank You, Thinking of You, etc...


All files should be submitted as Photoshop files, submissions will go through a review process. Once approved, we will create your card templates and publish them to the site. Download the Photoshop template file below.

Pamit Greeting Cards template

Our standard 5x7 inch folded greeting card.



Please note submitting Photoshop files is a temporary process, in the very near future designers will be able to login to their account and create their own templates using our design studio. Designs will still need to pass a review process before being available for sale. When you login to the site, you will be able to view your card templates, create new templates, delete templates, view sales for each template, and view your earned commission to date.


When saving your design in Photoshop, please make sure the option ICC Profile is checked in the Save Dialog (underneath where you specify the filename).


Please also compress / zip your photoshop files before emailing them to us. There are a number of free zip applications available, for example


You can also use free services like to forward your designs.


Please also make sure you read through the Designer Agreement form.





Designs must not infringe on copyright and trademark laws. All designs must be your own original work.


All designs must be submitted using the RGB color palette. Please do not submit designs in CMYK mode.


Front cover

  • Full freedom of design and color (note: subject to review)


Inside pages

  • Text and/or images on the inside of the card is allowed
  • It is best to maintain a white background


Back cover

  • The back of the card cannot be modified and will contain the Pamit Cards logo, other details related to the card, and the designers logo/signature (see logo information below).



Dimensions & Bleed



  • All card designs are to be 5 x 7 inches
  • When creating your designs, please allow for bleed and safe margins, see below



  • A 1/8” (.125") border must be added to pictures and designs bleeding to the edge, so that there is no white space or border showing around the artwork.

It is also important to keep text at least a 1/4” (.250") away from the paper edge or the trim line to prevent accidental cropping.




  • When text elements are incorporated into your card designs, it is important to think of them as either graphical/artistic text (part of the design) or personalized text (text which customers can modify - see below).




Personalized text must use the following fonts


1. Apple Garamond

2. Arial

3. Avalon

4. Baroque Script

5. BeteNoirA

6. Bullpen 3D

7. Candara

8. Centabel Book

9. Century Gothic

10. Charter BT

11. Copperplate Gothic Light

12. Covington

13. Dreamspeak

14. Dustismo Roman

15. DustismoNEW

16. Electrofied

17. ESP

18. Final Frontier

19. Forgotten Futurist

20. HavingWrit

21. Impact

22. Lucida Blackletter

23. MadisonSquare

24. Morpheus

25. Times New

26. Verdana



Logo or Signature

  • Your logo/signature should not exceed 2.5” x 1.25”
  • Rasterized text or logos should be 1200 dpi




  • All images and pictures should be 300 dpi
  • Rasterized text or logos should be 1200 dpi
  • Screen values should be between 133 lpi and 150 lpi