What we do


We specialize in personalized greeting cards printed on-demand.


We offer a unique service in Canada that allows customers to personalize greeting cards.  By editing the text and/or uploading a photo. We then mail the greeting card to the recipient. Or back to you if you prefer including a blank envelope at no extra charge.


All our greeting cards are printed in-house at our office located in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

We use Canada Post for mailing, any orders submitted by 2PM AST are posted the same day. After that orders will be mailed on the next business day. For more information about mailing and delivery click here.


We send real greeting cards

Our Card Designs


We have a wide range of greeting cards for every possible occasion and holiday you can think of. Our greeting card designs are created by independant graphic designers, artists, and photographers from across Canada and the UK.


We are always interested to hear from new greeting card designers. Please contact us for more information.



Why the name Pamit Cards?


We worked through a lot of names until we settled on the name Pamit. Pamit is an acronymn; for us Pamit means Print And Mail It. To our customers Pamit means Personalize And Mail It.

Pamit Cards is owned by Pamit Inc; a privately owned incorporation based in Nova Scotia. For further information about Pamit Inc. you can visit our corporate website here www.pamit.ca.