Pamit Business Services


Pamit Cards is a new and innovative personalized greeting card company in Canada. Greeting cards are one of the most personal ways of communicating a message or thought to another person. Why not use this personal form of communication to build stronger relationships with customers or employees. Use personalized greeting cards as marketing techniques to increase sales, response rates and most of all, improve customer relationships. Ask yourself this question: When was the last time you purchased a good or service, and received something as simple as “Thank You for your business” after the transaction? Imagine a similar scenario, and 2-3 days later you receive a greeting card in the mail from that business with a personalized message thanking you for your patronage.


What Makes Us Unique:


It's all in the name. PAMIT is an acronym for Personalize And Mail IT. So not only do we provide personalized greeting cards, but we mail them for you. All cards are printed on demand when you need them. Our team works with you to create a custom plan based on your requirements. Also, the majority of our cards are designed by Canadian freelance artists and all cards are printed in Canada.


Using Pamit Greeting Cards as Part of Your Marketing Strategy:


Set yourself apart from your competition, replace the traditional follow-up letter with a personalized greeting card. Greeting cards are a great marketing technique to get your client's attention and move along the sales cycle. Unlike impersonal form letters, a personal greeting card will keep your name in the forefront and remind your clients of your products and services, encouraging repeat business. When things go wrong... problems are the perfect opportunity to build loyalty. Sending a personal Sorry Card will set you apart from the competition and show that customer service is a priority for you. Impress your clients by remembering their birthday with personalized Birthday Cards. Keep in touch with clients through the holidays with personalized Christmas Cards and Thanksgiving Cards.


Quality of Pamit Greeting Cards:


We understand that the quality of our cards can reflect your company's image. Our cards are printed on the highest quality FSC certified stock. All Pamit Greeting Cards are 5x7 portrait style printed on 10pt 220 GSM high gloss or 100lb 280 GSM digital silk cover.



Sample greeting cards

If you are interested in using our services and would like to receive a sample greeting card, please contact us with your Company name and mailing address and we will gladly send you a free sample.


Address list template

Please download the following spreadsheet to use as a guide to ensure your client list is in the correct format. The quality of the data you provide determines the accuracy of VDP output and delivery. Pamit Cards will not be held responsible for inaccurate address information that results in inaccurate personalization or mismatched address delivery.



Pamit Cards does not sell, divulge or release any information to 3rd parties. We adhere to a strict privacy policy to ensure the confidentiality of yours and your clients data.



Volume / Wholesale prices without Postage


If you would like to send the greeting cards yourself:

Qty Price per card $           Total $
10 4.99      49.99
50 3.99   199.50
100 2.99   299.00


A bulk shipping charge will apply for delivery to your destination.


Volume / Wholesale prices with postage

If you would like us to mail each card individually for you:

Qty Price per card $         Total $
10 5.99        59.90
50 4.99   249.50
100 3.99   399.00



Orders over 500 greeting cards may require a 5 business day lead time.



VDP Orders

* a $50 setup fee applies to all orders requiring variable data printing (VDP)


Variable Data Printing (VDP)

You supply the address list, personal message and photos which we use to personalize each card. Each customer receives a unique and personal card and message. Please note there is a one-time $50 VDP setup fee.


On-demand printing


We use on-demand digital printing technology, which means we print when you order so that you as a customer and we as your supplier don't have to worry about keeping high inventory levels. If you need to order one item or 500 items we can easily respond to your requirements.