I used this service to send a very late Fathers Day card, it was so awesome for several reasons:

I would not have found a Fathers Day card anywhere in stores at the time.

I was able to send it right from home on my computer, I am a nurse and with my hectic schedule, I just didn't get around to finding a card at the store in time, and don't have time to go to the post office and wait in lineups, also because I do 12 hour shifts and many being night shifts, stores and especially the post office are often closed when I have time off, besides after working 12 hour shifts, I just want to relax at home and not be hustling for a card.

Also because I was able to personalize the card with photos and my own message, it meant so much to my Dad that he didn't care that the card was so late, he said the card brought back so many memories and I could tell he was holding back tears when he called to tell me he received his card in the mail ( I had uploaded photos of a family camping trip we had together)

Now that I can send from home, I can pick out a card at any time and I won't be late with getting my cards sent, which is a good thing.

I also used this service to send some Halloween cards to friends I hadn't spoke with in awhile, it was a great way to get back in touch and meant more than an email.

I really like this service, the cards look great, the cards are unique, the price is awesome, its Canadian, it supports independent artists, what more can I say, for a busy person like me, I think this is the way I will send all my greeting cards.

Jennifer Wheeler - Sydney, NS

You guys are great. You make keeping up with my girlfriend so easy. You guys rock.

Diane, UK

 I have 2 sons in Canada so you have a lifelong customer now!

Kim Smith - UK

My friend got her Christmas card and she liked it a lot. Thanks! What an awesome website, very easy to use with a really great variety of cards, I'll never have to buy a stamp again :)

I will be using your services again when the need for a card arises. I'll also pass along your site to friends. Wish you all the best. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Christa - Sydney, NS

I find that these days customer service is all but dead so when you take the time like this to help me it really is appreciated and I thank you for that. I will be recommending your website to everyone I know.

Jessica Alchin-Smith - CAN

I was pleased to find your Canada based site in 2010 to enable me to send a personalized card to my cousin in Canada and be able to make the payment from the UK using Paypal. I have used your site again this year. My cousin was also very pleased with the Timmy's gift card which I have also been able to include adding an additional personal touch. Many Many Thanks and best wishes for Christmas to you all!

Wayne Higgins - UK

Great service from you guys so will be using your service again.

Baljeet Kang - UK

I definitely recommend Pamitcards.ca Fantastic service. I have used the service twice for 3 cards and also used the Pre-Paid Gift card service which was great. I live in the UK with Friends in Calgary, Alberta. I have sent Cards from the UK and I have been informed that the mail had been opened to see if any money is in the card. With this being posted from Canada there is less chance of this happening and also it is a nice surprise for the recipient as they don’t know it is from the UK until they open the card.

Ian pugh - UK

We just wanted to send you a message to say THANKS!

We really appreciated all the emails and time it took to get our order sorted. The invitations are exactly what we expected and people have made comments on how much they liked them. We will be passing on your name to friends in the future.

Thanks again and all the best! Jen and Jason

Jen and Jason

Our Thank You cards turned out beautiful! Thank you very much! You have an excellent service on the go... I hope you get lots of business over the holidays.

Brian and Aimee - Halifax, NS

Since our family moved to Africa from British Columbia, I've found that snail mail between Zambia and Canada takes one to three months...so I have used Pamit Cards a few times to send birthday and anniversary cards to BC that actually arrive on time!  It is great to have the option to send gift cards as well!  I also appreciate that the website is straightforward enough to be able to work with my somewhat unreliable internet connection.

Andrew Potts

Choma, Zambia

Andrew Potts - Choma, Zambia

Thank you so much for the order, my invitations are perfect and as beautiful as they looked online - the shipping was amazingly fast as well. If I am ever in need of similar services again, I will certainly consider you first. Thanks Again!

Jennifer Slaunwhite

I had two weeks before Christmas to send out a mailing and a Christmas card to more than 1,000 customers. Pamit came through with flying colours. Their service is fantastic and the idea has been a long time coming. We'll be back next year!


Robert Santen, President, Glen Echo Fine Foods

Glen Echo Fine Foods

Robert Santen - Ontario

My Mother In Law received her card yesterday. She loved it. Thank you so much for helping to make her day extra special and also for making mine a little easier. It really made a difference not having to go out and find the right card. Its so much easier to say what's in your heart, select a card and *Bam* it was done.


Thanks again, I will be using your service more often.

Keitha - Sydney

I just wanted to say thankyou for such an easy and efficient service you have provided, it has enabled me to send my family in Canada lovely personalised greetings cards from the UK, I will definitely use you again!!

Job well done.

Best regards

Paul Dawson

Paul Dawson - UK

I used Pamit Cards to send a card to family in Canada. Its like a Moonpig for Canada. Very easy to use and a great price for a greeting card.

Ted Rowlands - UK

I was always looking for a way to send real cards online, something about an e-card is just not the same, not as personal to people.  I had always been frustrated that the option was there for US orders but not Canada, now I can send in Canada!

So when I found out about Pamit Cards (Personalize and Mail it Cards)  I was excited to know that now I could browse and send greeting cards from my own home computer.  I spent way to many hours in card aisles wasting time and I don't have to do that anymore!!!

The service was excellent, easy to use and order.  The card was sent out by the company extremely fast (which I myself have often, purchased the card, had it ready to go and still forgot to send it out in time....*sigh*) and I was even given the option to receive it myself to give or have it sent to my friends and family for me, all included in the same price.  The option to postpone the date to mail was also available, which I thought was fantastic.  

So if I am thinking of someones birthday a month before, I can order then to send out later, no worries of the date passing unnoticed....wonderful option.

I will definately use this site for all my greeting card needs. :)

Alisha C - Sydney

The company I work for www.allstarreporting.com in British Columbia ordered our Christmas cards from Pamit Cards this year. The cards were perfect and the service we received was excellent! Thank you so much!

Natalie, BC

It's great there is finally a canadian online based co for cards as cheaper than having to send from UK! The communication has been great and card sent quickly..

Hayley Obrien - UK

I work for an international company with an office in Canada. I customize and order birthday cards once a year, enough for all of the staff members. I just finished the order for the third year in a row. PAMIT cards are fantastic quality, consistently. I know that what I order will arrive safe and exactly how I ordered it.


They give me the information on the artist of each card as well so I can choose to support even more Canadians. I have been in contact with PAMIT's staff via email many times about the specific details of my order and they are always very prompt, informative and helpful. There's a very good reason I trust them year after year with our branded birthday wishes... They do a fantastic job every time!

Mel McDougall - DNN Corp

I've used Pamit Cards from the UK to order greeting cards to send to friends in Alberta. It is so refreshing to receive a prompt and professional service!

Penny Cregan - UK